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After all the feasting we did in December, we all deserve a detox. Whether from alcohol to the type of diet. Nowadays, detox cures in the form of sipping bitter tea with special syrup added are very popular. This consists of not consuming any food and only sipping the elixir. Honestly, this type of cleansing detox has never been much for me, I believe it has a purpose and goal that people crave, but biting into real food just has its appeal.

However, in my opinion, eating smaller portions regularly is far more effective and better for both the body and a healthy mind. And what is the absolute best?

Well, not being on your own.

We at Mummies and Daddies delicious food and cheesecakes catering can get you off to a good start on your recovery bark. Why not have a catering session where you and your friends can be inspired that healthy food can be prepared in a million ways you might not have thought of? Learn more about it and combine a nice gathering with friends, with something useful for you and your body. Believe me, even your favorite treat can be made into a healthier version that will make you drool. In the beginning, we can at least replace the light pastries with dark ones. Instead of cream, you can use coconut or almond milk. Replace regular flour with whole wheat, spelt flour. Of course, in my experience, most of all, what you don't have at home, you logically don't eat. So you have to be careful what you buy, that's the basis of everything. Never go shopping hungry, it will make your tongue happy, but not your mind and body.

WATER! You can try your best, but without a proper drinking regime, you won't lose a kilo. Proper drinking is important for our entire body. The drinking regime should be between two to three liters of water a day for a person. A guaranteed trick is to buy a large bottle that you carry with you at all times.

Don't force yourself into anything. If you don't like it, or you don't enjoy running, find another option, I'm sure you'll choose. Personally, when I force myself to do something, I'll do a lot less of it, or conversely, I'll fix my mood with more food than I would normally eat.

The first week is critical, but I believe you can do what you want. Either way, nothing is to be overdone, if you are in a regime and you feel like a glass of wine or just something good, in a smaller version it is not a hindrance. You have to make yourself happy in this life.

Your Julie from Mummies and Daddies delicious food and cheesecakes.

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