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Corporate lunches

(minimum 4 of people)

Corporate catering by Mummies and Daddies delicious food and cheesecakes takes care of your daily lunch needs, from providing healthy sandwiches and wraps to the office each morning, to bring in your favorite cookies for afternoon tea!

Conventions, TradeShows, and Conferences

(minimum of 15 people)

If you're the one planning and organizing all the events and your job is to take care of TradeShows, conventions or conferences, your job will be made easier by Mummies and Daddies delicious food and cheesecakes catering, we'll take care of everything food and drink related to you and get rid of your worry about preparing and cleaning up catering.  We will also provide a social evening, which follows the official section where your guests expand their portfolio of contacts. Great food, excellent desserts, and nice, professional service from catering Mummies and Daddies.

Corporate Picnics

(minimum 10 of people)

Are your company among those who like to bring together their employees and hold joint events on free days to establish friendly relations with you at work? It's a great way for members of different teams to get to know each other outside the office. Catering Mummies and Daddies delicious food and cheesecakes will prepare a corporate picnic tailored to your activity. Everyone at the event will feel relaxed, unstressed, and especially not hungry :)

Team Building

(minimum 8 of people)

 Keeping the family out of the picture, it is also essential for staff members to get to know each other in a social setting so they can find out what makes them tick in the office. Team building days are a great way to not only find out more about each other but also get out of the office for a day and have a little fun. Add some delicious food to the menu, and you can’t lose! You Mummies and Daddies delicious food and cheesecakes.

Product Launches

(minimum of 10 people)

 If you run a retail or manufacturing business and you want to promote a new product, a product launch is a great way to do this. Whether you’re doing it at a park, or in a mall, having some tasty treats from Mummies and Daddies delicious food and cheesecakes catering available to hand out to people walking past is guaranteed to pique their interest long enough for you to tell them all about the new product you have available.

Board Meetings

minimum of 4 people)

It doesn’t have to be a significant event for you to get in some professional catering services. In fact, you can brighten up every Monday morning meeting by bringing in some muffins, cupcakes, and coffee – providing your employees with a boost to start the week (and to brighten up those tedious weekly meetings). Let us prepare for you and your companies the best. Mummies and Daddies delicious food and cheesecakes catering.

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