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Breakfast Buffet
(minimum of 15 people)

Our Mummies and Daddies Breakfast Buffet offers an array of delicious breakfast options tailored to your needs. We always prepare buffets for at least 15 people, with both traditional and modern trends such as vegetable smoothies, open sandwiches, rolled Tramenzzino, Granola cups with honey, yogurt, and fresh fruits. Our signature dish is the delicious Mummies and Daddies cheesecakes.

American breakfast
(minimum of 10 people)

Mummies and Daddies Catering offers a full American breakfast for you and your guests. Our menu includes eggs (scrambled, sunny side up, over easy, poached or an omelet), bacon or sausages, toast with jam, jelly, or butter, hash browns, pancakes, cereal, coffee, tea, orange juice or grapefruit juice. This hearty breakfast is perfect for groups of at least 10 people.

Healthy breakfast
(minimum of 2 people)

Look no further than our Healthy Breakfast Catering! We offer a selection of nutritious breakfast options that will bring you a dose of healthy energy. From fresh fruit platters and healthy yogurt bowls to Portobello mushroom egg sandwiches with hollandaise and arugula, we have something for everyone. We also offer many different kinds of fruit and vegetable smoothies and fresh juices to get your day started right.

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