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The sweetest, juiciest melon season!

Red, sweet, refreshing...watermelon! The perfect summer superfood. Watermelons are full of water, which your body needs during the summer months, but that's not all! Watermelons also contain lots of immunity boosting vitamin C, folic acid which is recommended for things like nail and hair growth or vitamin B6 for oxygenating your body and brain.

Watermelon is filling and refreshing on hot summer days, has plenty of minerals and is also excellent as part of a detox diet (lycopene, carotenoid)

We have yellow, red and green melons, we distinguish between watermelons and sugar melons.

The watermelon belongs to the gourd fruit and originates from Africa, but the first mention of watermelon comes from Egypt 2000 BC. It has typically green skin and red flesh. Watermelon contains 90% water, folic acid, vitamins C, B, A, and of the minerals, iron and potassium. It hydrates the body, strengthens immunity and has a beneficial effect on blood circulation.

Sugar melon - the skin of the melon is yellow and is delicious in combination with Parma ham.

Galia-flavoured nectarine, the fruit has yellow skin and is greenish inside, is native to Asia and is excellent in salads.

Charentais-it has dark green stripes on the surface alternating with light green rind, the flesh is the colour of apricots and smells of honey.

Piel de Sapo-grown in Spain, the flesh is the colour of champagne and the melon is constantly ripening. Often used in salads.

And how to choose the right melon?

- A yellow spot on one side: indicates where the melon has been lying in the field; if it is bright yellow, it is ripe; if it is white, it may not be ripe yet.

- a hollow tapping sound: try tapping the melon in the store, if there is a hollow sound the fruit is properly ripe, a heavier melon is juicier and will contain more water. Shine and a nice intense colouring of the skin are also important.

And now for a few recipes for you, for summer refreshment.

Watermelon Bowl - refreshment for a summer party

-chilled diced watermelon (other types of watermelon too), mint, ice, sparkling water (no sparkling water for kids), limes, lemons. Serve in a glass bowl or hollowed out melon halves.

Watermelon-strawberry cocktail

2 cups sliced watermelon, 8 strawberries, 1 banana, 1/2 cup water, mint.

This cocktail will amaze you with its taste. It is refreshing, add 4 ice cubes to the blender with the fruit and you have a great, icy smoothie.

Watermelon and cured ham

1 yellow sugar melon, 2 packets of dried ham, basil, toothpicks

Cut the halved watermelon into cubes or shorter rectangles

Wrap each cube of melon flesh with a piece of dried ham, garnish with basil leaves, secure with toothpicks

Put the cantaloupe in the fridge to chill before serving

Watermelon spicy salad

600 g watermelon, 200 g fresh tomatoes, 200 g sun-dried tomatoes, 200 g Feta cheese, 50 g cane sugar, 50 g basil, 1 dl olive oil, 50 ml raspberry vinegar, 1 lemon. Pepper, salt.

Clean the melon, add salt, sprinkle with lemon juice from the whole lemon, add cane sugar, put in a resealable bag and leave to marinate in water with ice for 30 minutes.

Chop the dried and fresh tomatoes, add salt and pepper with raspberry vinegar

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